Coaching Paddles...

Getting away from it all is often the trigger for our more creative ideas. Unjamming the mental clutter we create for ourselves in our daily routines, helps to pave the way for fresh ideas and a new sense of vigour.

Whilst coaching offers an excellent process for creating head-space, there is much to be said for enhancing this process by providing a physical environment conducive to creativity. In a search for the best environments, ‘the natural environment’ seems to feature heavily. Similarly, there are tangible links between physical exercise and mental wellbeing.

Where does this lead? Combining all three factors creates the optimum environment to generate relevant and worthwhile ideas, whilst ensuring that the ideas are carried forward effectively. Linking the coaching process to a natural environment and gentle exercise achieves just this.

Our endeavour over the last few years has been to establish Alderfen Marshes as a creative, natural environment to support effective coaching, training and development. We have ‘coached whilst walking’, enjoying the wilderness offered in our conservation area and now we are taking to the water… ‘Coaching while canoeing’ provides a whole new level of focus. Ideal for one to one conversations, paddling a canadian canoe through remote waterways, helps to clear the mind as well as providing a very literal metaphor about choice of direction. Adding a note-pad to the usual canoeing kit list ensures that key insights, actions and measures identified during the paddle are taken forward and applied.

It’s not for everyone (there are creepy crawlies living on the water) but for those that thrive on open spaces, fresh air and a sense of direction … it’s a real winner. If you’d like to find out more drop us a line and come on out for a test-paddle or just a walk around the conservation area. Coaching paddles take between 60 and 90 minutes, setting off from Alderfen Marshes and taking in the natural beauty of Surligham broad.