Here at MoCo we believe that, sometimes, to be more successful in the workplace, you have to get out of the workplace. Sometimes to think outside the box, you quite literally have to get outside of that office shaped box. You get what I’m trying to explain here; at MoCo we think a bit of Green time is good for you.

Our work is about injecting drive, passion and a strong sense of value into the workplace - who says we need to be indoors to do that? In fact, there are numerous studies that prove how spending time outdoors is extremely beneficial and that’s exactly why we thrive on the outdoor environment at MoCo HQ! We love taking our coaching, training, and leadership development outside. A Development Day cooped up in the office vs. at our beautiful, 12 acre outdoors area? Now I know we might be a little bias over here, but to us, it’s a no brainer. We believe it’s about time more of us hang up the suits and get out the boots!

Without getting too much into the scientific details, because lets face it, I’m not a scientist, here are a few reasons why getting a bit of Green time is good for you:

1) Getting outdoors improves your focus

We all get distracted and lose focus every now and again at work. We all know how easy that 5 minute distraction can turn into 30. We’re all human here. 
Our brains need energy to help us direct and maintain attention and, just like our muscles, it unsurprisingly runs out of energy if it’s in constant use without a break. Getting outdoors gives your brain a break from everyday overstimulation which can perk up your attention levels. In short, getting outdoors helps us to get “in the zone”.

2) Getting outdoors helps you relax

Feeling stressed at work has become the norm. I feel that there’s almost this notion that if we’re not stressed, we’re not working hard enough, which isn’t exactly brilliant for our mental well-being. Getting outdoors has been proven to help make us feel relaxed, which in turn combats stress and anxiety. Being outside, taking a break from the stress of the workplace, can help increase productivity and creativity, improve memory and reduce mental fatigue.

3) Getting outdoors makes you happier

I completely understand how getting outdoors doesn’t sound like an instant mood booster but so many studies have shown that even as little as 20 minutes outside can make us feel happy and have a more positive outlook. Scientists believe this feel-good effect is due to the oxygen boost from fresh air, which encourages production of the happy brain chemical serotonin. I’m sure you can relate to that feel-good feeling after going for a nice walk or even just being out in the garden, especially if the weather is beautiful.

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So, there you have it; the benefits of getting outdoors! If you’re tempted to get a breath of fresh air, why not have a Development Day at MoCo HQ?