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Group Challenges in Norfolk


Alderfen Marshes and the Green Room provide an ideal backdrop for group activities in Norfolk.

Groups of 4 to 8 people

Choose from a range of problem-solving challenges, rescue scenarios, escape games and canoe trails to engage and entertain.

The Green Room Escape:

Indoor and outdoor escape challenge

With half of your team locked in the Green Room and the other half locked out, your group is in something of a conundrum.  The only way to reunite your team and make your getaway is to find clues, solve riddles, follow maps, unlock equipment and complete puzzles to open the Green Room and make your escape.

With two-way radios to keep in touch, you must coordinate your escape, navigating maps and paths of the surrounding marshes as well as solving clues in the Green Room itself.  Time is ticking … you have one hour.

One-hour challenge for 4 - 8 people:    £15.00 per person.      Enquire / book

Marsh Rescue:

Outdoor rescue activity

Two members of a conservation team working on the marshes have failed to return at the expected time and have not made contact. Concerns are growing for their well-being. The marshes are tidal and are known to have areas of soft, boggy ground making access difficult at certain times.  Discussions about the whereabouts of the two conservationists have revealed that no maps of the marshes are available and there are no indications of where the boggy or inaccessible areas lie.

Your team must locate and rescue the missing conservationists.  The clock is ticking and there are obstacles to overcome.  Working together is essential…

Two hour challenge for 4 to 8 people:     £22.00 per person      Enquire / book

The Great8 Challenge:

Test your skills

The Great8 challenge is an interactive and engaging way to enjoy time with friends - with a healthy hint of competition.

Your group will need to as many of the eight practical and cognitive challenges on Alderfen Marshes as you can, within a limited time. The order in which you complete the challenges is up to you –  The Great8 Challenge will stretch your prioritisation, planning and problem solving skills to the limit - how many of the eight challenges can you complete within your time limit?

Ideal for birthday groups, stag or hen activities, group reunions or just as an opportunity to spend time together.

Three hour challenge for 4 to 8 people:     £29 per person      Enquire / book

Canoe Trails:

Nature and relaxation

Choose from a selection of canoe trails on a remote part of the Norfolk Broads National Park. Explore the isolated tranquility of Surlingham, Bargate and Rockland broads, just a short paddle from Alderfen Marshes.

Venture along the River Yare towards Norwich or Great Yarmouth, enjoy an abundance of wildlife or stop off at one of the many picturesque riverside taverns en route. Canoe trails offer a great way to relax and catch up with friends.

Half-day or full-day activity for 4 to 8 people:

£10.00 (half-day) or £15.00 (full-day) per person.    Enquire / book

Minibus transport:

A minibus shuttle service is available between Alderfen Marshes, Norwich train station, UEA campus and other local pick up points from £7.50 per group

Enquire / book


Alderfen Marshes are located in Surlingham, approximately 7 miles East of Norwich.

Booking is essential for all activities. 

On-site parking is limited to two cars per group - detailed directions sent on confirmation of booking.