Moco Development Programme

"Lasting change starts with a single moment..."

The Moco Development Programme

The Moco Development Programme follows a user-friendly format involving experiential learning, self-evaluation and coaching to support personal and professional development. This flexible programme follows a tried and tested format, giving structure and focus to individual and team development.

Designed to support...

  • Business Development
  • Self-employed and start-ups
  • Personal Development
  • Post-redundancy next steps
  • Team Development

Lasting change begins with a single moment...

  • Stephen Ferrey:  Programme Facilitator
    Stephen is an experienced trainer, facilitator and business coach with a successful track record of entrepreneurship and business set-up.  He advocates creative thinking in order to identify and maximise opportunities, driving business success through focused action.  Understanding individual motivators helps to steer towards success based on a healthy work-life balance.

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Next Steps Network

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances force us to consider new options. Uncertain times also give us the chance to reinvent ourselves, but taking a leap of faith can be daunting and even lonely.  

The next steps network provides individual and group support through on-line workshops, meetings, coaching and development.

Joining the network is free and offers access to a range of on-line workshops, focus groups, meetings and coaching opportunities.