Wild Fen Nettle and Dandelion: Eco-Friendly Teabags


Our eco-friendly teabags use compostable bags packed in a reusable tea caddy with labels made from recycled paper.

The nettle and dandelion combine to create a rich, earthy infusion with a gentle sweetness.

Plants are hand cut, cleaned, dried, blended, bagged and packed into reusable tea caddies. Combining the nettle leaf and stem with the dandelion flower creates a well balanced infusion full of natural flavour.

Fen nettle and dandelion grow side by side on the marshes, the nettles prefer drier, nutrient rich areas, with the dandelions enjoying the path edges and waterway banks.  Dandelions are picked from late spring overlapping the nettle cutting early in the summer.

15 teabags per tin.


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