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Wild-camping equipment and products from Alderfen Marshes

Our small shop can be found in the Green Room on Alderfen Marshes.  We stock useful items for wild-campers, as well as products made from wood cleared during conservation work on the marshes.

To buy online, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

Camping Equipment:

If we have tested it, like it and use it ourselves – we stock it in the shop

Kadai Charcoal Maker

Make your own charcoal as you relax around the campfire.  Simply fill with dry wood and place into your fire-bowl to produce your own charcoal ready for use the next day.

Anevay Rocket Stove

Light-weight, robust and effective. This wood-fuelled rocket stove generates a lot of heat from a little wood. The cage around the outside stays cool for safe moving when lit.

Fire-starting Flint and Striker

A reliable and easy to use fire-starting flint works in all weathers.  Use with dry cotton wool and kindling as a nest for the sparks to get the fire started every time. Can be used over and over again.

Up-Cycled Wood: by-products of conservation work on Alderfen Marshes

Our aim is simple – nothing goes to waste

Rustic Key Rings

£1.00 each
Each keyring has a rustic finish revealing the natural beauty of the wood in cross-section.  Alder, silver birch, willow, oak, ash, yew, hazel and holly – each with their own distinct colour and natural pattern.

Fridge Magnets

£2.00 each
These natural wooden fridge magnets have a smooth beeswax finish to enhance the grain patterns of the different woods.  Backed with a strong neodymium magnet, they are an attractive addition to any fridge.


£4.50 each
Hand cut, sanded and finished with food-safe mineral oil and beeswax. Each coaster measures approx 90mm diameter. Choose between single-wood or mixed-wood sets (pictured set is made from yew).

Living Willow: Hedges, screens and structures

Wildlife-friendly and easy to grow

Willow Cuttings:
'Osier' - Salix viminalis

10 x 2′ cuttings: £10.00
An attractive, fast-growing willow, often used for screens and hedges. Thrives in wet soil. The whips can be used for basket weaving and the wood makes an excellent carbon neutral fuel source.

Circular Bird Hide:
1.5m to 3m diameter

1.5m diameter: £95.00
3m diameter: £175.00
A wildlife-friendly attractive bird hide made from a mixture of osier, goat willow and white willow. Living willow frame interweaved with harvested whips.

Woodland Mix:
Natural weed control and outdoor flooring

10kg bag: £6.00
Mixed woodland scrub, chopped into small pieces making an ideal solution to weed control when establishing new hedges and screens, or a versatile flooring for living willow structures

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