Wild Tea

Grown naturally on the Norfolk Broads

Wild Water-Mint

Water-Mint Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea made from wild water-mint growing naturally on the tidal marshes of the Norfolk Broads.

Mint stems are hand-picked after the plants have flowered, providing a valuable food source for bees and other pollinators.  The leaf, stem and flower create a wonderfully subtle mint infusion.

Fen Nettle

Fen Nettle Loose Leaf Tea

 Nettles are hand-cut while the leaves and stems are still fresh with lush growth, createing a rich and earthy infusion full of natural nettle flavour.

Cutting the plants above the lower leaves encourages the nettles to regrow forming part of a sustainable cycle on the marshes.

Dandelion Flower

Wild Dandelion Flower Tea

Fresh dandelions are hand-picked from the marshes, cleaned, dried and packed into airtight resealable pouches.

Separating the petals from the rest of the plant creates a subtly sweet infusion full of natural floral flavour.

 Farm Shop Sales: 

Find our teas and stock up on other fantastic local produce at Yare Valley Farm Shop, a stones-throw from Alderfen Marshes in picturesque Surlingham. 
Not many food miles clocked up here!


Farmers Markets:

Although we will not be attending any farmers markets during the Corona Virus pandemic we are looking forward to returning to the following markets again once we know that we can offer tea-tasting safely for all.

Poringland Farmers’ Market: (First and third Saturdays of each month)
Aldeborough Farmers’ Market: (First Sunday of each month)
Acle Farmers’ Market: (Second Saturday of each month)
Hoveton Farmers’ and Producers’ Market: (Fourth Saturday of each month)
Loddon Country Market: (Tuesday mornings)
Docking Farmers’ and Local Produce Market: (First Wednesday of each month)
Hickling Food Fayre: (First Thursday of each month)
Thorpe St Andrew Farmers’ Market: (Last Friday of each month)