Wild Tea

Grown naturally on the Norfolk Broads

Wild tea grown naturally, hand-picked, dried and packed on site.

Alderfen Marshes provides an ideal habitat for the wild plants to flourish, providing a natural variety of sustainable wild tea.

Wild Water-Mint

Water-Mint Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea made from wild water-mint growing naturally on the tidal marshes of the Norfolk Broads.

Mint stems are hand-picked after the plants have flowered, providing a valuable food source for bees and other pollinators.  The leaf, stem and flower create a wonderfully subtle mint infusion.

Fen Nettle

Fen Nettle Loose Leaf Tea

 Nettles are hand-cut while the leaves and stems are still fresh with lush growth, creating a rich and earthy infusion full of natural nettle flavour.

Cutting the plants above the lower leaves encourages the nettles to regrow forming part of a sustainable cycle on the marshes.

Dandelion Flower

Wild Dandelion Flower Tea

Fresh dandelions are hand-picked from the marshes, cleaned, dried and packed into airtight resealable pouches.

Separating the petals from the rest of the plant creates a subtly sweet infusion full of natural floral flavour.

 Farm Shop Sales: 

Find our teas and stock up on other fantastic local produce at Yare Valley Farm Shop, a stones-throw from Alderfen Marshes in picturesque Surlingham. 

Not many food miles clocked up here!


Farmers Markets:

Acle Farmers’ Market: (Second Saturday of each month)
Beccles Farmers’ Market: (First Saturday of each month)
Bungay Farmers’ Market: (Fourth Saturday of each month)
Loddon Country Market: (Tuesday mornings)
Spixworth Farmers’ Market: (Fourth Saturday of each month)
Thorpe St Andrew Farmers’ Market: (Last Friday of each month)